1. The First Step

At our first meeting, we work with you to agree on the overall outline of the project and your financial resources; we set the schedule. We define the subject of our cooperation together. The meeting is free of charge and not bounding.

2. Initial Arrangements

After accepting the terms of our cooperation, we arrange further meetings, where we discuss the projects of the wall layout, selection of materials, furniture, etc.

You can pick from two or three interior designs. You can opt for just one of them, or decide to combine the ideas from multiple designs. We show you our ideas as drawings, realistic visualisations, and material samples. We consult them with you until we obtain a result that would satisfy you.

In the end, you will get the finalised visualisations and drawings of the wall layout with marked spaces for kitchen and bathroom appliances.

3. Final Approval

After making all the decisions, we set out to make technical drawings for the contractors, so that we can prepare cost estimates. This stage ends with completing the design portfolio containing the drawings.

4. The Shopping List

While working on the project, we accompany you to shops, showrooms and artisans’ workshops so we can view the suggested materials and finishing materials. We also recommend proven contractors.

5. The Designer’s Supervision

We implement every project under the designer’s supervision. We inform the contractors on the arrangements we have agreed upon together. The designer periodically visits the project site and oversees the implementation of the envisioned project, so that it is fully realised.

The design portfolio contains:

  • Room layout design with wall dimensions.
  • Drawing of the walls to be demolished and erected – if necessary.
  • Water and sanitation design.
  • Electrical design (the layout of sockets and switches, TV, home cinema, etc.).
  • Ventilating system design – if necessary.
  • Floor layout design.
  • Suspended ceiling design.
  • Plasterboard installation design.
  • Bathroom design with tile layout.
  • Colour scheme design (e.g. texture, wallpaper).
  • Furniture design – kitchen, walk-in closet, bathroom furniture.
  • Selection of fabrics (curtains, roller blinds, upholstery fabric) and colour design (textures, wallpapers), including the suggested amount and place of purchase.
  • Selection of household products, bathroom fittings, taps, lamps and furniture.

If you would like to inquire about the estimate-based cost of the design service, please send the floor plans at in any image file format.

In your email, please include a short description (project stage, location) and your cell phone number, so that we can consult you swiftly about the information we need to estimate the costs if anything happens to be unclear. We’ll send you the estimated costs of the design service with a description within three days – we will inform you about it via phone.